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Steam Cleaner CP5-2CA

Steam Cleaner CP5-2CA


Thermax CP5-2-100
The Therminator CP-5-2-100 is a versatile machine that cleans vehicle interiors better than any other system of this size.
Features and Benefits:
Powerful 2 stage single vacuum motor (optional 3 stage available) for increased recovery and quicker drying time.
Built-in 1800 watt solution heating system for uniform temperature control without solution flow reduction.
Dual 5 Gallon hygienic stainless steel solution and recovery tanks (no plastic recovery tanks that retain odors).
60 (base model) or optional 100 psi heavy duty chemical heat solution pump.
High-impact, chemical resistant housing with conditional lifetime warranty - virtually indestructible!
Single power cord for one circuit operation. The base unit comes with one convenient 25 foot chemical resistant power supply. The maximum draw is 12-14.5 amps which is designed for Canadian breakers and eliminates the need for 2 or more cords.
The most complete and longest warranties in the industry. 3 year parts and labour warranty on the pump and both extraction motors and a five year parts and labour warranty on the heater.
Marine sealed switches for moisture reduction.
Dimensions: 28 inch length – 26 inch height – 17 inch width – 59 lbs dry without boxing.
Electrical: 120 volts/12 amps 50/60Hz/AC available in one power cord.
Vacuum: 112 Inches of Water Lift
Heating Temperature: 175 Fahrenheit

CP5-2-100 Optional Attachment Packages:

Auto Detailing Package: 15 foot Vacuum & Solution Hoses / Stainless Steel Upholstery Wand with or without Hide-A-Hose  /or a Stainless Steel Crevice Tool with Spray Assembly

Contract Cleaning Package: 15 foot Vacuum & Solution Hoses / Clear-View Stainless Steel Floor Wand / Clear-View Upholstery Wand or all Stainless Steel Upholstery Wand.
For questions on prices, packages or any other information you require,call toll free number: 1-800-898-4VAC(4822) .

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    Auto Detailing, Auto Reconditioning, Carpet Cleaning, Steam Cleaning
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