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Thermax DVXL12HE

The Therminator DVXL12HE is Thermax of Canada's newest industrial hot water extractor/steam cleaner, which aggressively removes dirt, grime, odors and other embedded pollutants with unmatched efficiency.


Features and Benefits:

Powerful dual two-stage vacuum motors for faster cleaning, increased recovery speed, quicker drying time and water lift of 182 inches.  Don't mistake this unit for the CP12 which is much different and has a water lift of 160-165 inches.


Built in submersed 1800-watt solution tank (stainless steel) pre-heating system for quick, uniform temperature control without the solution flow reduction associated with in-line type heating systems (all other heater types).  Also, in-line heaters are famous for having air locks and have to be cooled down to restart; in addition, they can have calcium and mineral deposits building up on the inside of the heater coils making it very problembatic and expensive to replace.  Our heated solution stainless steel 11 gallon tanks never have this problem, this is why we have a 5 year warranty on the heater element alone.


Another one of our Thermax features that make this the easiest hot water extractor to use and the least problematic is the 11 gallon hygienic stainless steel solution tank and the 12 gallon large capacity recovery tank with automatic overflow protection shut-off (helps reduce the chance of overflowing into the vacuum motors) and utilizes a dirty water gate valve system.


Single power cord for one circuit operation.  The base unit or the mega unit comes with a 25 foot chemical resistant power supply.  The maximum draw is 13-15 amps which is designed for Canadian 15 amp breakers (the USA has 20 amps) and eliminates the need for 2 or more cords.


High-impact, chemical resistant housing comes with a lifetime warranty that is virtually indestructible.  It's engineered for mobility, stability and tip resistant operation.


100 psi heavy duty chemical heat demand solution pump with internal bypass and built-in automatic pressure relief switch.


Built-in dolly handle for greater control and manoeuvrability.


Optional wand and hose packages for versatility.


Easy access waist high control panel with operation indicator light.


Large 8" dolly rear wheels make it easy to go up and down stairs.


Waist high Marine grade switches help to reduce the chance of water getting into the switch.


Heater ready (water resistant) indicator light that alerts operator when water has reached its maximum temperature.


Built into this unit is an Intelligent System: a thermal back-up safety shut off switch if you should run it out of water and the unit starts overheating.  It's also very easy to reset, just push the red button.


The longest and most complete warranties in the industry.  Three (3) years parts and labour warranty on the chemical heat pump and both extraction motors and a five year parts and labour warranty on the heater element.


Dimensions:  34 inch length - 35 inch height - 18 inch width - 99 pounds dry without boxing


Electrical:  Voltage - 120 volt. 13.2 amp/50/60 Hz (also available in 220 volts) in one power cord


Vacuum:  Up to 182 inches of water lift.


Heating Temperature: 175 Degrees Fahrenheit


Therminator Optional Attachement Packages:


                            Auto Detailing Package:  25 Foot Vacuum & Solution Hoses / Stainless Steel Upholstery

                                                                                                    Wand with Hide-A-Hose Extension / Stainless Steel Crevice Tool with Spray Assembly


                                       Contract Cleaning Package:  20 Foot Vacuum & Solution Hoses with Stainless Steel Floor Wand


                                       Deluxe Contract Cleaning Package:  25 Foot Vacuum & Solution Hoses / Stainless Steel Floor Wand / Stainless Steel

                                       Upholstery Wand


For questions on prices, packages or any other information you require, please call our toll-free number: 1-800-898-4822 and speak with one of our helpful staff members.











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